STAR Cryoelectronics : pcSQUID™ Advanced PC-Based SQUID Control Electronics
• State-of-the-art Programmable Feedback Loop for HTS and LTS SQUIDs

• High-speed Programmable Feedback Loop for LTS SQUID amplifiers

• Eight-channel Programmable Feedback Loop for multi-channel applications

• Single- and multi-channel PC Interfaces

• Easy-to-use control software for Windows

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STAR Cryoelectronics' family of advanced PC-based dc SQUID control electronics, marketed under the trade name pcSQUID™, represents a breakthrough in dc SQUID instrumentation technology. This revolutionary architecture brings the power of a PC and the flexibility of virtual instrumentation to SQUID control and data acquisition. The easy-to-use interface for Microsoft Windows™ puts the SQUID control where it belongs - on your computer, right where you want it, fully integrated with your data acquisition and analysis tools.

pcSQUID™ Complete Specifications
(PDF format) 696KB

pcSQUID™ PCS100 User's Manual
Models PFL-100, PCI-100, PCI-1000

pcSQUID™ PCS100 Control Software
Models PFL-100, PCI-100, PCI-1000


NEW! PCS100DA software upgrade is now available featuring remote control via the Internet and powerful data acquisition and analysis functions! See PCS100 for further details and order information.






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